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How to treat and prevent IBS

Know the steps to alleviate IBS

Author: john432

IBS is a common disorder that targets the patient’s large intestine. Although everyone can be affected by IBS, studies have shown that women are likely to suffer from the disorder than men. Let us look at how IBS affects women as well as find ways on how to effectively deal with this condition in a […]

How to Conquer Severe IBS

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On February 12, 2018
It should be noted that there are varying levels of IBS symptoms a person can experience. This can range from minor annoyance to severe discomforts. Severe IBS in particular, is something that should not be taken lightly or for granted as this brings into the table a number of inconvenience. Some patients even share their […]
IBS has been a cause for concern to a huge number of individuals because of how it affects a person’s appetite. People with IBS oftentimes don’t enjoy the foods that they eat due to the persistent pain and discomfort their body feels after a meal. IBS or is also known as irritable bowel comes with […]
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